Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Radical Shift

Radical Shift

Listening to Ron on step 10 got me thinking. Steps one, two and three result in a radical shift of perspective from an ego centered universe to a God centered universe. In a sense, that’s the whole deal. The rest of the steps are a concrete plan to manifest the consequences of that shift in my life. Ron talked about the shift in radical terms. Not only do I change my view of where my problem lies - within myself and not in other people, places and things - but my ideas about the whole order of the universe radically change. The obvious hierarchy of physical->mental-> spiritual is inverted. Now I see God, as I understand God, as the primary reality. From this Spirit arises mentality, Then my ideas create the world I inhabit. 

I’ve heard this message over and over throughout my life, but somehow I made a breakthrough in understanding it this weekend. Thanks Ron and Primetime!

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