Saturday, August 1, 2009

Surgery on Tuesday

That's the word from my electrophysiologist. I had a CT scan today. I'd had one after my CAB, so I figured I knew what to expect. They gave me the usual injection of contrast dye. This time around, the hot rush from the dye was far more intense than I remembered from the earlier scan. It swept through my body from top to bottom, ending up in a sensitive place. Despite this, it was not titillating, it was intense and weird. I asked the technician about that and got an interesting answer. After the CAB, they were looking at the coronary arteries and at my graft. This time the target was both of my atria. There's a significant difference in size between the two areas, with the two upper chambers of the heart being larger than the section of interest in coronary artery disease. Anyhow, the size difference meant that they had to inject the contrast dye a lot faster, so they would get a bigger spread of dye. So I got a more intense sensation of heat. Unfortunately, they didn't get the picture they wanted. They didn't repeat try because they couldn't inject more dye due to concerns about the kidneys, so I'm scheduled for another scan tomorrow. Joy joy.

My psychiatrist is OK with me going directly to the retirement home. I wont have to spend time in stir on the third floor. This is quite a relief.

They guy in the next bed in this semi-private room is 98 years old. He's bright and alert and plugged in to current events. We've had a couple of good conversations, each lasting more than an hour. He came in with a calcified valve that nearly killed him. I want to be like him at his age :)

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