Saturday, August 8, 2009

Out of the Hospital

Unleashed upon an unsuspecting world, newly defibrillated heart pumping blood through my energized bod as I leap over tables, entertaining the seniors and amazing the staff.

But in reality .. I was craaaashing. It had been a long day. I'm all signed up with three of my meds being managed by the nice nurse here. She knocked at 8:00 PM and peremptorily entered my room. I said "Don't do that again!" She said "I have a key." I said "knock, and wait for an answer before barging in." She admitted as how she might have stepped over the line. I wonder if the seniors put up with that crap.

Otherwise, this place is very nice. It's convenient to Caltrain and to town. I have to clock in at 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM for meds, but that is what I agreed to. They are desperately looking for a fourth in bridge, which I firmly ducked. I hate the game though I know how to play. The building is four stories plus a basement garage. The food is ok - I had halibut which didn't make me gag. The residents were friendly. A couple made goo goo eyes at me. They had "The Soloist" for the movie which I would have liked to have seen, but I was too tired. Life here seems a bit regimented, but except for the medication regime, I should be able to opt out of anything I see as unpleasant.

The room is the size of a small hotel room, with a narrow single bed. The remarkable thing about that is that the room is intended to be shared by two men. I'm getting a discount by occupying the shared room - only $2500.00 a month. Regular price is $3100.00. It's got a reefer and they are getting me a microwave. Comcast is in with Internet access. I'm currently wired to the modem, but will go wireless as soon as I get my spare gateway down here. There's room for a small table, so I can set up my recording equipment. I can live with this. There's a nice balcony with a peninsular view across Burlingame. Unfortunately that's the side Caltrain is on. I've lived close to RR tracks before. You stop hearing it after awhile. I can't wait.

Now for the gory details. I have an ugly bruise around the incision site in my groin, I was told to expect this, but it's still a shock. But no bleeding, and the site is soft. If either of those things were the other way, I'd be calling the doc. They shaved around the incision point, but not where they put the tape. Removing the bandage made me wonder if waxing was like that.

There was a welcome kit with a plaque that reads "With each year, you grow more wonderful." I thought wonderfulness was somewhat independent of aging. That is, you might get more wonderful as you age, or you might not. But I suppose anyone would like to think they do.

All for now.

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